Thank you for purchasing my services. I want you to buy with confidence.

Due to the nature of personal coaching, all coaching packages are non-refundable after the first coaching session. Any package must be paid complete and in-full according to the original package agreement. I do not under any circumstance provide a pay-as-you go service for coaching.

For all online programs, a refund can be requested anytime within the period of your money-back guarantee (10/30/60 days, specific to the program as outlined in the program details), you can request a refund of your program or cancel your subscription.  I will process your refund promptly.

I am always looking to receive feedback from my clients so that I can improve the programs I offer and the customer experience for future clients. If you have thoughts or opinions on the program you are refunding/cancelling, please feel free to include that information in the form. Your feed back is completely optional and your refund will never be dependent upon your response.